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Craig Anderson, Leongatha Secondary College

Victoria, Australia

We've been trialling sQuizya this year with our Year 7 Maths classes and have been really impressed. It's a sign of a great teaching tool when you walk into a class and the kids are asking "Can we do a sQuizya race?"

Running a zApp as a race is a great warm-up activity at the beginning of the lesson and rewards both accuracy and speed. In one particular lesson, the "hot shots" were racing through their zApp as fast as they could, then sat back to watch the rest of the class catch up. One of the students in our Intervention Program took a slow-n-steady approach and ended up winning the race with a higher accuracy rate. A perfect tortoise and hare scenario to encourage growth in all students in the class!

Making your own zApps is also a fairly straight-forward process and easy to share with colleagues.
Staff have been pleased with the Maths Mate program. No longer are we dealing with students who claimed to have lost their sheets, and the correction workload is significantly reduced. The self-correction offers students a sample solution for many questions. Staff can access both summary and question-by-question report styles to check on student progress.