sQuizya News – Spring Carnival 2016


In this newsletter:

– New Race Theme for the Melbourne Cup
– Automatic Scaling of Race Results
– Quick Series
– Maths Mate Updates
– Extension Granted
– Multi Question Tweak
– Tutorials
– Exporting Results

New Race Theme for the Melbourne Cup

A Horse Race was added to the ‘assign as race’ theme selection just in time to celebrate the running of the Melbourne Cup. What a way to inspire your class to an even bigger effort. Whether it is for multiplication tables practise, reinforcement of integers or any topic that could benefit from a refocus, this has to be the most exciting way to get the job done.

Races between carefully chosen teams will not only be much closer, but they are a brilliant way to motivate weaker students. Have a race each day and accumulate results over the week with the winning team taking out this year’s prize. Collect valuable data about your students while they’re busy having fun!

Setting up your race:

  1. To divide your class into teams create a subgroup for each team.
  2. When you assign a zApp as a race a popup will appear.
  3. Select the appropriate class and then select each of the team subgroups by using command click on those subgroups that represent a team.

Note: This will become even easier to organise soon, as we are in the process of revamping the team idea so that results can be found easily and teams can be rearranged with a couple of clicks.

Have Fun!

Automatic Scaling of Race Results

Many schools have shared their delight with the race feature on sQuizya, but scoring has presented some difficulties. If you assigned a multiplication zApp with 60 questions as a one-minute race then even the fastest students could be graded with a fail!

To avoid this we now use the scaling feature on sQuizya to automatically scale the scores for every race. For your information, the race winner is scaled up to 100%. All other students are compared with the winner. So, if the winner answers 20 of the 60 questions correctly they will score 100%. A student who answers 15 questions would score 75% (15 compared with 20).

Quick Series

We have recently released four mini zApp Books in the Quick Series. They cover multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. Each includes exercises involving directed numbers. These are ideal for use with the race feature and are a great way to build those skills. More books will appear in this series with time.

Maths Mate Updates

Maths Mate on sQuizya uses colour rather than year levels to make differentiation more acceptable to students. So far we have completed the student books for years 7 (Blue), 8 (Green), 9 (Mauve) and 10 (Lime). We are close to releasing 6 (Red) and 5 (Yellow) with lots more to come in 2017 including the Skill Builder Series.

Extension Granted

You may have noticed the green extension buttons that have appeared in Results. If an assigned zApp locks out students on the due date but you would like to give them more time, simply click on the extension button in Results and the student selected will be able to complete any questions that had not been answered.

It is worth working with students to suggest that they only submit a zApp if they have completed every question. If they submit the zApp before finishing, an extension will not help.

Multi Question Tweak

We thank all those teachers who have given us feedback on sQuizya. We have been able to meet the needs of almost every request received to date. This includes tweaks to some question types. We are also working on new question types.


A bit late for those of you who are up and running but for new schools we are working through a set of tutorials to help new staff and students get started. We hope to be releasing the first of those before the end of the year.

Exporting Results

We currently have temporary functions in place for the exporting of results as a spreadsheet. Programming is almost complete for the upgrade of this function that will be followed quickly by results and reports in PDF format.

Once again, we thank you for all the wonderful feedback received throughout 2016. Please keep in touch if you have any issues or suggestions and we look forward to a very exciting 2017.