How to Keep Students Engaged in the Classroom


No teacher takes pleasure in watching their students shamelessly slumped over their desk, eyes glazed over and paying zero attention to the lesson at hand. So how do you transfer your abundant knowledge to those adolescent brains?

Read on for our top tips on gaining control in your classroom!

Tap into Their Interests

Do you enjoy listening to someone rabbit on incessantly about a topic you have absolutely no interest in? Didn’t think so. Put yourself in your students’ shoes. If they don’t like the subject to begin with, they’re not going to provide you with the undivided attention that you so fiercely desire.

Get to know your students. Find out what they like and see if you can make it relevant to your teaching. If you can incorporate some applicable examples or interesting facts in your explanations, chances are they’ll pay more attention and actually absorb the lesson.

Offer a Second Chance

Some of the world’s most successful people failed many times before they accomplished their goals – Michael Jordan and Stephen Spielberg to name just a couple. Failing is essentially a process of elimination. Your students will learn what doesn’t work, and keep trying until they figure out what does.

Offering students a second chance when failing a test or assignment can provide them with the drive to do better and pass next time around. In doing this, they end up learning more than they would have if the failed test was the end of the story.

Involve Your Students

Being talked at is not everyone’s ideal way of learning. Many students need to be involved on some level to be able to absorb information properly. Getting your students active in the classroom can also help to keep them alert, as opposed to drifting off at their desks!

Start a class discussion, incorporate some hands-on activities or games relevant to the lesson or have the students participate in a questionnaire to see what they’ve learned so far.

Show Mutual Respect

As a teacher, you expect your students to respect you. But respect is a two-way street – isn’t it? If you show your class members the respect they deserve as individuals, and they feel that respect, chances are they’ll respect you back and want to do well in your class. That’s a win-win right there!

While at times proving a tricky task, engaging your students isn’t impossible, as you can see from our examples. Incorporating these attention-earning tips into your lesson may just bring about that student enthusiasm you’ve been searching for!