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30 Jan'20 WELCOME TO 2020!


New Maths Mate zApp Books will replace older editions, at the following levels:

  • Maths Mate Yellow 2nd Ed - grade 5    
  • Maths Mate Red 2nd Ed - grade 6
  • Maths Mate Mauve 2nd Ed...

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Six years ago our Maths Mate team started the first discussions and drafts of the sQuizya platform. The popular Maths Mate program needed a home for an online presence, so the interactive, self-correcting version was born. ...

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11 Feb'19 Help is Here!

New tutorials are now available on the sQuizya website.

Each tutorial highlights a key feature available on the teachers’ dashboard. These short and sweet tutorials provide the viewer with step-by-step instructions on how to create a class, add uses, create subgroups, and much more. 

To access these new tutorials scroll down to the website footer and click...

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08 Feb'19 New Year, New Content

Revised Editions for Maths Mate 7 - 10

With the addition of new question types to sQuizya, students can expand their knowledge in a more creative and interactive way. Complex questions like tree diagrams that could not be used previously in digital version, can now be solved in an intuitive and simple manner. ...

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06 Feb'19 THE WAIT IS OVER!!

Skill Builders for Maths Mate are now available on sQuizya for 2019.

These topic-based units of work accurately target students' needs identified by the Maths Mate worksheets.

Each activity includes a targeted lesson, examples and practice questions that focus on the specific skill identified. 

With the new addition of quick links, teachers can...

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08 Jun'18 Maths Mate - COFFEE TIME!

Another zApp Book has hit the sQuizya shelves! Maths Mate Coffee - Australia is now available to sQuizya Library. The Maths Mate Coffee is an advanced version of the Year 9 (Mauve) book, and it is suitable for students contemplating to continue the study of mathematics in...

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16 Apr'18 Maths Mate Teacher Resources

NEW Maths Mate Teacher Resource zApp Books are now available in the sQuizya Library:

Maths Mate Yellow TEACHER RESOURCE - Australia

Maths Mate Mauve TEACHER RESOURCE - Australia

Maths Mate Lime TEACHER RESOURCE - Australia

These zApp Books contain the interactive Maths Mate Test zApps which can be assigned after each group of 4 consecutive...

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09 Apr'18 Teamwork in the Classroom!

Human competitiveness is a natural driver for most of us, and working in a team harnesses that drive in a non-threatening way. Achieving a goal as part of a team is a rewarding experience. Encouraged by teammates, we become more engaged in an activity, and as a result we learn...

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13 Dec'17 MAV Annual Conference 2017

Thank you to all the teachers for dropping by the sQuizya stand at the MAV Annual Conference on 7 and 8 December. We had a great time sharing the interactive Maths Mate program on sQuizya, and were delighted in the teacher recognition of its power to motivate.

We hope that our presentations on Teamwork in...

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15 Nov'17 sQuizya Busy Bees

It’s been another busy year for the sQuizya “Bee hive”. We’ve spoken to many schools taking up sQuizya as well as visiting schools for in-services and professional development sessions. We know time management is a big issue and the self-correcting ability of the program is being universally celebrated....

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15 Nov'17 NEW Maths Mate Teacher Resources - Australia

We are pleased to announce that the Maths Mate TEACHER RESOURCES Red, Blue and Green - Australia are now available in the sQuizya Library.

The Teacher Resource zApp Books contain the interactive Maths Mate Test zApps which can be assigned after each group of 4...

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17 Jul'17 New Look sQuizya

sQuizya has recently undergone a complete makeover. The new look includes a number of enhancements designed to make the dashboards more intuitive and to simplify use. The main menu has been reduced, and functions have been grouped and named more logically.

Sign up for a free trial and make the most...

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01 Mar'17 PD Sessions on a Roll

We've been busy presenting Professional Development (PD) sessions at various local schools, assisting them with getting started on sQuizya. If you're excited about sQuizya but are not sure where to start, we can certainly arrange a visit, where possible, to help you on your way. For those interstate schools interested,...

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23 Jan'17 Export Results

It’s here! The ‘Export Results' feature is now available for every results layout page in sQuizya. Individual students, whole classes, single zApps, whole books, question by question - they are all available. On every results page you will now see the 'Export Results' button. This will download a spreadsheet file of...

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24 Nov'16 MAV Annual Conference 2016

It's that time of year again; the Mathematical Association of Victoria is holding their annual conference next Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd December. If you'll be attending, pop over to our sQuizya stall and say 'Hi!' Just look for the green balloons. We'll be showcasing all that sQuizya has to offer for...

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11 Oct'16 The Quick Maths Series Is Here!

Created with 2-3 minute sQuizya Races in mind, Quick Addition, Quick Division, Quick Multiplication and Quick Subtraction are now available in the sQuizya Library. There's sure to be more added to the 'Quick' series in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!  

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27 Sep'16 Book Your PD Session!

Don't forget to arrange your complimentary Professional Development (PD) Session! If you're thinking of jumping on board the sQuizya train, but feel like you need a little assistance, this is a great oportunity to ask any questions you may have in regards to the sign-up process and sQuizya as a whole.

We're happy to...

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19 Sep'16 Get the Most out of sQuizya

For a more optimal experience on sQuizya, Firefox and Google Chrome are the browsers we recommend using.

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12 Jul'16 NEW: Quick Spelling

If you're looking to engage your class in a fun, test-style capacity, the Quick Spelling zApp Books are for you! Designed to be used in conjunction with sQuizya Races, these weekly spelling lists, with NAPLAN-style sentences, are a great way to keep your students on top of their game. 


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06 Jun'16 sQuizya Races - Live Now!

sQuizya is excited to announce that the much anticipated sQuizya zApp Races are now available for schools participating in the Beta trial. Why not conduct a class test as a timed race? On completion students can watch either a space race, a balloon race, a car race or even a yacht race...

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31 Mar'16 Maths Mate Green - Australia is now availble in the sQuizya Library. We are pleased to announce that Maths Mate Green- Australia is now available in the sQuizya Library. This zApp Book is for students working at a year 8 level.

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04 Mar'16 Maths Mate Blue - Australia is available We are pleased to announce that Maths Mate Blue - Australia is now available in the sQuizya Library. This zApp Book is for students working at a year 7 level. Maths Mate Green - Australia will go live shortly, followed by the rest of the books in the series.

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