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sQuizya Pricing

How does it work?

sQuizya pricing is very simple. It is calculated based on the number of users in the school account. This number of users is the sum of all student users across all year levels, plus all staff users, plus any vacant or spare users.

Annual subscription

This gives every user access to all the features of sQuizya (iQ’s, races, zApp creator, results) and all the content that is included at no extra charge. The very popular Maths Mate materials form part of this included content. 

The actual cost per user varies from currency to currency as shown below.

AUD 6.00      CAD 6.00      EUR 4.50      GBP 3.00      NZD 6.00      USD 6.00

The annual subscription enables sQuizya to pay for design, content development, programming, testing, data storage, data security, data delivery and staff wages. It also allows sQuizya to remain advertisement-free and to continue to promote the development of content that is included at no extra charge.

Book purchases

All Books on sQuizya are included as part of the annual subscription. The annual fee gives every teacher the freedom to assign any book from the sQuizya library to any student in their class. This makes differentiation simple. A student can be moved from one book to another as needed at no extra cost.

Booklist or Student Levy?

sQuizya subscriptions are paid by the school, not by individual students. We recommend a sQuizya levy be charged to students.

Choosing Enough User Accounts

We recommend that schools make sure that there are always spare user accounts available. This means that new students can be added without any fuss. Also, temporary access to the results of former students can be obtained more easily. If you un-archive a former student all their results will become available again. Once you have recovered what ever you need, you can archive the account once more.

sQuizya Pricing Rationale

The following is our rationale for pricing on sQuizya. Our aim is to make life for the classroom teacher as simple as possible, and this is why we created this structure.

Simplicity for the classroom teacher

When a new student walks into the room they can get to work immediately. No phone calls, no invoices for specific books.

Flexibility of content

When a teacher identifies that a student would benefit from transferring to a book at a more appropriate level, this can be done immediately and at no extra cost.

Flexibility of user accounts

As graduating students exit sQuizya their user accounts are simply archived. These accounts are then free to be reassigned to new students entering the school. New students gain access to everything in the School Library.


We wish to make sQuizya affordable for all schools, including those in developing countries. We have therefore deliberately set prices as low as possible. Our dream is to support a platform through which teachers can share their very best lessons and activities with each other free of charge.