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What is sQuizya's Pricing Policy?

sQuizya Subscription Prices

If the subscription price for sQuizya is to be increased it will be noted here at least 90 days before the price increase is to take effect. 

Future Price Increase

We are now offering a simplified pricing structure that includes all Maths Mate materials and much more. The price is $6 per user per year. The old structure will remain available till May 3rd 2017 in line with our Pricing Policy but it should be noted that the new structure is significantly better value unless you do not wish to use any of the Maths Mate products.

sQuizya zApp Book Pricing

Book prices are not covered by this notice. The price of a book is set by its author. Whilst we may make recommendations to authors we do not control those prices.

Pricing Policy

At sQuizya we pride ourselves on our openness and clarity in all that we do.  We feel that sQuizya’s pricing structure should be transparent.  If you need to contact a company to get a quote for software then you might reasonably be suspicious that the price offered is not the best price possible and that changes to that pricing are likely. 

Occasionally we hear concerns that sQuizya’s price is too good to be true and that the price will leap once a school has invested a year or two of hard work into their school library.  This is one reason for our notification of future price increases and for allowing schools to subscribe in advance.  If you are really worried about a potential price hike you can subscribe for the next 5 years if you want to!  The total price would still be less than the price some of our competitors charge annually, none of whom offer all the functionality that sQuizya offers.