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What is sQuizya?

sQuizya is an interactive online learning community where teachers can create, share and publish their own digital resources. sQuizya makes teacher’s lives easier by providing advanced technology for assigning self-correcting work, monitoring students' results and keeping students engaged in the classroom.

Have a look around our website to check out all the awesome features. Amongst our favouites are the iQ (instant quiz) feature and the Race feature.

Schools can sign up to sQuizya on a subscription based service. Teachers and students then create their own personal accounts through the school account. Accounts can be accessed from any internet enabled device.

The central focus of sQuizya is the global sQuizya Library. A growing library of free and paid, high-quality resources created by teachers for teachers. These resources are called zApps or when a group of zApps are gathered together to form a unit they become a zApp Book (usually just referred to as a book). zApps are an interactive, self-correcting educational tool that can be assigned to students. zApps can be exercises, lessons, assessments, projects, pop quizzes or whatever you make them.

sQuizya was originally developed as a platform to allow the Maths Mate series to be presented interactively but it is growing rapidly across all subject areas.