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Interpreting Results from zApps or zApp Books

How do I see the results of the work I have assigned?

  1. Go to RESULTS in the main menu.
  2. Select the class and/or subgroup associated with the results you wish to see. Select the zApp(s), zApp Book(s) or Instant Quizzes you are interested in. Select View Results.

  3. The default view shows Class - One zApp. To view other layouts use the drop down menu. The options include: Class and Individual combined with three alternatives, All zApps, One zApp, and Question by Question. The question by question layouts are unique to sQuizya and allow you to compare multiple Maths Mate zApps or similar works, skill by skill. This Q x Q option is the powerful display that makes Maths Mate so effective as both a tool for cyclical revision and as a diagnostic tool. It makes no sense for zApps that are not structured like Maths Mate.

The four sQuizya buttons have the following functions:

  • View/Edit Answers allows yet another view of results that summarizes the answers given by every student for every question on a zApp. It also allows you to edit the answers given by a student should it be necessary.
  • Export Results allows you to export results as a pdf in any of the formats discussed. You can also export the results as a spread sheet.
  • Scale Results Allows you to scale results for the selected zApp. Follow the instructions on the pop-up that appears. (This button is only available under the Class - Reopen/Extension layout).
  • Send User Results Only applicable if the teacher has selected 'After Teacher Review' from the Feedback Options when assigning the zApp (This button is only available under the Class - Reopen/Extension layout).