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Can I use questions from other zApps in my own?

Yes, you can import questions from ANY zApp that you find on sQuizya into your own zApp.

To do this:

  1. Add the zApp you wish to use to My Library.
  2. Go to the zApp Creator; from the action menu click on the edit button for the zApp you wish to edit, then fill in the details of your zApp in Step 1.
  3. From the zap creator page select the "Import Question(s)" button.

  4. Choose the library that contains the zApp with the questions you want to import: My Library, which contains any zApp or zApp Book that you have added from the sQuizya or School Library. Select ‘Search’.
  5. Check the circles on the left hand side of the relevant zApp (questions can only be imported from one zApp at a time). Remember to be mindful of the copyright status of the zApp. Press ‘Select zApp’.

  6. Select the questions to import to your zApp. Select ‘Import Questions.’

  7. The question(s) now appear in your zApp and can be modified in any way.