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Can zApps be co-authored or authored under a pen name or pseudonym?

Can zApps be co-authored?

Yes. However, by sharing your sQuizya login details with another person, you violate sQuizya’s Terms of Service, which is why an easier and safer way of collaborating on zApps has been formulated.

Using the 'Transfer My Work' function, you can transfer zApps from one account to another, which makes them available in the Work in Progress library of the second account.

This enables two or more authors to individually compile zApps within their own sQuizya accounts then transfer them to one account and import the contents into a single zApp.

To add an additional author name simply write in the names - as you would like them to appear - in the 'Enter Author Name' field in the zApp Creator. 

Can zApps be authored under a pen name or pseudonym?

Yes. In Step 1 of the zApp Creator, simply enter your pen-name/pseudonym into the 'Enter Author Name' field. Leaving this field blank means your sQuizya user name will be used by default.