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What are the eight zApp Types?

As a zApp author you are asked to define your zApp by one of the eight zApp types below. This aids fellow sQuizya users in finding suitable zApps when searching the sQuizya Library.


  • Lesson: These zApps include an educational lesson on a topic followed by one or more questions to demonstrate the users understanding of the lesson.
  • Tutorial: These zApps include an instructional lesson, but are not necessarily followed by questions.
  • Exercise: These zApps include multiple questions about a limited topic, not necessarily accompanied by an introductory lesson.
  • Assessment: These zApps are intended for use under test or examination conditions, and will often include a recommended zApp time.
  • Project: These zApps provide instructions for a task that should be completed outside of sQuizya, and may include one or more self-evaluative questions.
  • Survey: These zApps are intended for use in collecting data, feedback and polling results and easily collate the data received.
  • Information: These zApps are intended to share information, such as notices or agendas, and would generally be for internal use.
  • Other: These zApps fall outside the existing type classifications.

As a teacher, remember that zApp questions can easily be imported into a new zApp, so even if you are looking for an assessment-type zApp to use as a class test, broadening your search to include lesson or exercise zApp types will yield more results which you can adapt into your very own zApp.