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How do I make another teacher a joint administrator?

Warning: Once a second teacher has been given joint administrator rights to a class those rights can not be removed. The second teacher can archive the class on their dashboard to tidy it up, but they can also unarchive that class at any time.

Step 1. Add second teacher to the class. Select 'CLASSES' from the dashboard on the LHS. From your list of classes select the purple ‘Add new users’ icon from the Action column that corresponds with the class to be shared.


From the pop-up use the drop down menu to select ‘Teaching Staff’ and then select ‘Filter User(s)’. Select the required teacher or teachers by clicking the box next to their name then select the ‘Add User(s)’ button.

If you now click on the class name the row will open up and you will be able to see that the second teacher has been added to this class. That second teacher will now receive all work that has already been assigned to this class.

Step 2. Make Joint Administrator. Select the blue ‘Manage User(s)’ button from the action column. Select the second teacher and then select ‘Make Joint Administrator’ in the top left corner of the pop-up.

Note: A teacher will only appear if they have been previously added as a user to the class. 

The second teacher will now have the same level of access to this class as the original teacher. They will be able to assign zApps and zApp Books, view results, run races and iQ’s and message students.

Step 3. Remove second teacher from class results. You can now remove the second teacher from the class using the process in steps 1 and 2. This will stop future work from being assigned to the second teacher and will avoid the second teacher appearing in all class results. The second teacher will still retain full access and control of the class.