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How do I assign a zApp Book to my class/group?

To assign a zApp Book to your class/group select ‘My Library’ and follow these steps:

  1. Open My Library and under the 'Assign a Book' tab select the zApp Book you want to assign.
  2. Select the orange assign icon in the action column.

  3. In the pop up window select if you would like to use a standard pathway or not by using the check box. Standard Pathway means the zApp Book chapters are assigned to students sequentially once they have finished the first. If you only want to use part of a zApp Book unselect ‘Standard Pathways’.
  4. Select which chapters you want to assign and which class/subgroup.
  5. You can also select from the optional preferences

i.Opening date and time

ii.Due date and time

iii.Time limit



vi.Grading system

vii.Completion message

6. Select ‘Assign’ and the zApp Book will be sent to the students in that class/group.

Note: the opening date/time for zApp Books assigned with the Standard Pathway option is the date at which the first zApp of the chapter will become available to participants. The due date/time is the date at which the final zApp of the chapter should be submitted. Students can work through the zApps in order at their own pace within this interval.