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Help Center

How do I assign a zApp to my class/group?

To Assign one or more zApps to your class/group select ‘My Library’ from the main menu and follow these steps:

  1. Open the 'Assign a zApp' tab.
  2. Select the orange assign icon in the action column.

3. In the pop up window select your class and/or subgroup and fill in the optional preferences

  • i.Opening date and time
  • ii.Due date and time
  • iii.Time limit
  • iv.Feedback
  • v.Hint
  • vi.Grading system
  • vii.Completion message

4. Select ‘Assign’ and the zApp will be sent to the students in that class/group on the opening date.

Note: When assigning multiple zApps with the same conditions, tick the checkbox ‘Apply same conditions to all zApps’ to apply all conditions chosen for the first zApp to every zApp below it.