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How do I use the iQ feature?

Only teachers can create an iQ. It takes less than 10 seconds to assign an iQ and learning to use the tool is simple.

Go to INSTANT QUIZ in the side menu bar and select ‘Assign iQ’, this opens a new iQ. You can give the iQ a title to help you find the results at a later stage, otherwise it will be named using the date and time. Select the class and/or the subgroup and send the iQ to the students in that class.

The students will receive a notification in their notifications bar that they have a new iQ to complete. They can only answer one question at a time and you control the time given for each question. You can see how the students are going by clicking on update responses which allows you to see all submitted questions without stopping further students from submitting a response. Once you feel enough time has been allowed you click on close question. At this time all students are forced onto the next question.

You can only ask 20 questions in a single iQ. If you wish to ask further questions simply assign another iQ.