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When should I use an iQ?

iQs are aimed at making lessons more engaging and fun for students. An iQ allows and encourages every student to participate since all responses are recorded. When running an iQ, teachers have access to every response from every student viryually instantly allowing them to manage a lesson like never before.

During a class discussion an iQ can be used to allow every student to voice an opinion. The teacher can then scan the responses and choose to discuss further, those ideas of greatest value.

An iQ can also be used to run a spelling test or a math skill test. All correction and record keeping is done for you meaning that you can conduct such tests on a much more regular basis which provides more accurate feedback and greater encouragement to students to learn.

An iQ can also be used to monitor understanding durning an instructional phase of teaching. The instant feedback means you can adjust your lesson as you go rather than waiting till the end of topic test to tell you students have missunderstood a concept.