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How do I find zApps and Books?

Finding zApps and zApp Books:

  • To begin exploring, click on SQUIZYA LIBRARY in the main menu.
  • You can search for either zApps or Books by selecting either the Global zApps or Global Books tab.
  • Search by zApp/Book name, author and keywords and further narrow your search by clicking on ‘More Options’ and filling in any of the below fields:
    • zApp/Book Category
    • zApp/Book Subcategory
    • zApp/Book Audience
    • zApp Type
    • Focus Country
    • Cost
    • Copyright
    • Publication Date
    • Recommended zApp Time
    • Average Score

As a Teacher you see the full content of all zApps or Books in the sQuizya Library. Students only see items that the author believes require no teacher control. This ensures that most items will be unfamiliar to your students and will not have access to answers.

Clicking on any of the displayed zApps or zApp Books opens its expanded view showing all the relevant details and ratings.