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Users within my institution are sharing their registration code with people that do not belong under my subscription. How can I prevent this?

If you are experiencing an influx of users joining your account without permission there are steps that you can take to prevent this.

  • Change your registration codes.
    • Your registration codes can be edited from the My Account page of your administrator dashboard. To ensure that the codes are unique to your institution or business, only the second half of each code can be edited. It is recommended that you use a random string of six letters and/or numbers.
    • All users who joined your sQuizya account with an old registration code are unaffected, but those attempting to join with an old code after it has been changed will be unable to do so.
  • Archive the users who did not receive your direct permission to join your sQuizya subscription in order to free up user accounts.
    • In the Manage Users page of your administrator dashboard you can choose to archive the problematic users.
By archiving a problematic user, you free their user account for a genuine user who is yet to join.