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Admin: Creating an Account / sQuizya Pricing

Creating a school account

Signing up to sQuizya can be done in a few simple steps. In step 4 note the following:

ACCOUNT CREDENTIALS - This email address will be used to log in as a teacher. As the administrator you have the unique feature that from the teacher account you can move to the administrator account by clicking on your profile name in the top right of the screen. From the options select Log in as admin. You can return to the teacher account through the profile. The email account used for setting up the school account must be active. All correspondence goes to this email only.

PRIVACY NOTICE - Educational emails can be used to add staff and students as users to the sQuizya account. However, if you have any privacy concerns, contact us and we will create unique IDs for all your users. No unsolicited correspondence ever goes to anyone other than the account administrator.

SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS - Change the 50 to the number of users you require. Users is the total of staff + students to be registered. It helps to have about 5 spare places as well. If you have a code for a free trial then enter it into the promotional code field and click on   Apply   to recalculate the invoice.

  1. Go to www.squizya.com.
  2. Click on  SIGN UP   in the top right-hand corner of the sQuizya homepage.
  3. Click on  SET UP   to make a new sQuizya Institution account.
  4. Complete the form.
  5. Read and accept the sQuizya User Agreement and click on  CONFIRM SUBSCRIPTION  .

Your account will be activated instantly if the subscription is paid by credit card, or when funds are received if you choose the Invoice Me option.

sQuizya Pricing

Our pricing structure is detailed at www.squizya.com/help_page/469