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sQuizya is a multidisciplinary interactive library
It is the perfect complementary resource to assist teachers with differentiation
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sQuizya Empowers Learning
Experience self-correcting questions with instant feedback.
Saves time
Customize or adapt all resources to suit individual needs.
Hits The Target
Involve everyone through instant quizzes or class races.
Engages Students
Identify students’ needs and assign appropriate work.
Assists Differentiation
Automatically record every activity and view results in a variety of ways.
Provides Instant Results
No need to recreate the wheel. When teachers share their resources, everyone is a winner.
Benefits Everyone
What sQuizya Can Do for You
Access Digital Resources
Ipad man.jpg
Ipad man.jpg
Access Digital Resources
  • Access sQuizya Library for a growing number of global resources.
  • All users have free access to the Maths Mate interactive series and a number of publications under The Educational Advantage.
  • Grow a personal library of interactive content that can be adapted or personalized to cater for your students’ needs.
  • Share your original zApps to contribute to a fantastic resource pool for educators all around the world.
  • Sell your zApp Books in sQuizya.
Adapt or Create as You Go
Work on the go.jpg
Work on the go.jpg
Adapt or Create as You Go
  • Modify all resources available for use within your school, free from copyright limitations, to ensure that you meet every individual’s needs.
  • Create your own work by adding video, images, audio and file links. Students can receive work in a multitude of formats including exercises, lessons, tests, assessments, projects, quizzes etc.
  • Choose from 12 different question types so that students use a variety of question styles that are self-correcting.
  • Add a hint or explanation to every question if you wish to give students further assistance.
  • Produce mathematical questions with ease using a built-in comprehensive equation editor.
Engage Students
Encourage Participation.jpg
Encourage Participation.jpg
Engage Students
  • Engage students in class discussions and lessons by using the Instant Quiz (iQ) feature, thus enabling every student to respond instantly and simultaneously to every question.
  • Improve concentration as students realize questions can be asked at any time and a recorded response will be sent straight to the teacher’s results page.
  • Save time and remove peer pressure collecting answers. These answers can be shared anonymously on a screen if the teacher wishes to display them for discussion.
  • Captivate students’ interest through fun competitions using the sQuizya Races feature.
  • Increase motivation by dividing a class into groups, so everyone’s contribution will make a difference to the final team score. Watch a short animated replay of a race to add interest and excitement to your classroom.
Differentiate to Achieve Success
Differentiate to Achieve Success
  • Choose the level of work that best suits each student’s needs. For example, teachers can select the appropriate Maths Mate level.
  • As progress is so easily monitored in the Maths Mate series, students can move from one level to another without any need to purchase a different level, or for the student to feel locked into a particular book.
  • Track student’s individual understanding of a concept easily and quickly. Within the Maths Mate series, performance across each question type is soon identied and can be immediately addressed by referring to the appropriate Skill Builder exercises.
Streamline Results and Reports
TEACHER Results.jpg
TEACHER Results.jpg
Streamline Results and Reports
  • View results obtained by your students as raw data, question-by-question responses, or as performance graphs.
  • Gain insight into student progress in real time before the due date.
  • Export results to Excel.
  • Create reports based on any combination of previously assigned work, allocate weightings and choose a report style consistent with practices at your school.
  • Collect an automatically stored portfolio on every student’s work, results and progress that can be accessed from year to year.
Benefits of sQuizya
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